SEO Evaluation

Success in search marketing is measurable

Most web firms do not provide detailed analytics access or detailed ranking reports. We do. Our 10-20 page ranking reports will provide you with a detailed breakdown of how well your current website working for you. In addition, we’ll provide a competitive analysis. You provide us two of your biggest competitors and we’ll conduct an analysis to show you exactly what they’re doing that you’re not.

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ClickforHelp Search Engine Marketing Programs

Keyword Search Engine Optimization

This package starts with audience and competitive search analysis to understand what your target audiences are looking for and what key phrases are working for your competition.  We then select 10 geo locations and up to 20 keywords, which combined means as many as over 1000 actual key phrases with which your clients can find you.

Local Search Optimization

Local search expands basic keyword optimization to include other types of sites and data sources which consumers, search engines and mobile apps are using to locate nearby services.  As mobile and location based services grow, so does the importance of local  search optimization for businesses, which depends on a local presence in order to succeed with customers and clients. We highly recommendation a combination of local and keyword SEO for storefront-based businesses.

Product, Review and Event Optimization

This gets techy, but product-based optimization is extremely important for businesses that offer specific products on their websites.  In short, there are ways to highlight which items on your website are purchasable products.