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Ways to Generate Buzz

Enhance your online visibility with a robust social presence and social connection to your target audiences. We’ll work with you to develop tactics that will help your brand connect and engage with target audiences.

Why should your organization care about social media?

Your presence in social media is considered to be an indicator of both your organization´s relevance and vitality. It is also a way to provide an authentic voice for your organization and establish it as a thought leader and authority in your industry.

An authentic voice is a human voice which sounds real, not marketing jargon or over the top hyperbole. It is important to not only have an authentic voice in the social media sphere, but to incorporate that authentic voice into your entire web presence. We view the web presence of an organization or business as not separate ads, search marketing, social media, PR and websites, but as an opportunity to provide resonating messages which integrate all of these web-based messaging channels. Many executives are wary of the fact that anyone can participate in social media and feel that if they do not, then they will not be discussed. This is simply not the case: people will talk no matter what. If your organization or business truly provides value for its clients and customers, then in the end a social presence is highly to your advantage.

That is the overall reason why your organization should participate in social media. Learn more about social media tactics and strategies.

How do you measure Social Media Success?

Measures for Social Media success depend on both your organizations goals, resources and messages but they boil down to these 3 core items:

  • Be listened to
  • Driving target audiences to your website
  • Being mentioned in social media
  • Causing audiences to share your content
  • Engaging with your content by participating in events, webinars, contests and other invitations to act.

Sharing is by far the least emphasized on and typically most critical in many small social media efforts. Yet there are simple ways to improve this metric which do not involve the more complex activities such as creating contests and events. Call us to learn more about our programs which significantly increase sharing of your content through social media channels.

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